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Leadership Idea Lab

Welcome! Explore these resources to find student leadership ideas!

General Resources


NexisUni--News Sources (Penn State Libraries Database)

Browse papers about student leadership at hundreds of American universities through one database!

ERIC (Penn State Libraries Database)

Find high-powered, well-researched articles about student leadership and campus programs.


American Student Government Association Toolbox

“There's no need to reinvent the wheel! ASGA has developed step-by-step guides to help you improve your Student Government on everything from how to make students care about your SG to surveying your students to how to improve your SG web site…”

Student Government Resource Center

 Lead your campus to "make textbooks affordableend campus hunger, or turn out the student vote." and much more!

green paper money iconFundraising

100 Fundraising Ideas (Created by Juanita College)

From jelly bean counts to pitch-a-thons, this is a list of top-notch fundraiser ideas!

30 Unique Fundraising Ideas for College Student Groups

The "80s Prom" sounds like the most fun.

Campus Events & Programming

75 Fantastic Program Ideas for First-Year Students

Help freshmen start their college careers with a bang through this fantastic list of ideas based on “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for College Students.”

100 Budget-Friendly Programs

"With the growing cost of higher education, it’s crucial to create events that won’t break the bank for students to participate in or for our institutions to host."  Covers food-centered events, book clubs, sustainability campaigns, sex ed, stress relief.

2 men and 2 women with hands upwardsDiversity

Not On Our Campus--Quick Start Guide

"A Not On Our Campus Campaign (NOOC) is an ongoing commitment to empower students to create safe and inclusive environments that are free of anti-gay harassment, bigotry, racism, and all forms of intolerance."

Awareness Activities

Icebreakers, ground rules for diversity discussions, problem-solving collaborations, role playing activities. 

red cross Health & Safety

NAMI Anti-Stigma Campaigns

Fight the stigma that accompanies depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses!

It's On Us

Tools for preventing sexual assaults on campuses (bystander intervention) and helping survivors.

Academic De-stressing Activities

Fun programs to cope with the pressures of college life.

Starting Student Clubs & Nonprofits

You Can Start Your Own Club in College

What better way to be a student leader than to start a club dedicated to the issue you care about.

How To Start a Non-Profit Organization

Change the world--start a nonprofit group while in college!

blue figure holding a loudspeakerPolitics

How College Students Can Influence Politics

Four ways that your student groups can shape American politics.

Increasing College Student Participation in Voting and Politics

Tips and resources for helping fellow students register to vote, evaluate candidates, and fully participate in the political process.

purple figure wearing a headsetCampus Media Campaigns

Advice for New Student Newspaper and Blog Editors

Gold mine of ideas from the experts at The Washington Post.

Why Student Leaders Should Create Blogs

Expand your leadership reach exponentially, teach others, and steer campus debates.


Advocating for Students with Disabilities

DREAM: Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring

"A national organization for and by college students with disabilities."  Offers access to a clearinghouse/database with resources about organizing students to fight discrimination and ideas on improving attitudes about disability.

The Nittany Lion hugging a PSU student