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HD FS 315Y: Family Development

Guide to finding scholarly journal and other sources for course essays, citing sources in APA style, and formatting your paper in APA style.

Tips for Getting Started

  1. DO look for inspiration in the world around you!
    Choose topics that have personal meaning to you or are something you would like to learn more about. It is much easier and interesting to research something you care about.
  2. DO focus or broaden the scope of your topic to suit the length of your paper.
  3. DO turn your research topic into research questions -- and jot them down! -- to help you get better results.
    This helps you focus on what you need to learn from your sources. It also helps you develop additional keywords for your search.
  4. DO remember that experts' research found in scholarly journal articles lend you their expertise!
  5. DO collect all the citation information you need for your bibliography as you do your research.
    Authors. Date. Publication title. Publication Name, vol(issue), page numbers. DOI
  6. PLEASE DO ask for help if you're not finding what you are looking for!

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