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Data Management Toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance for writing a data management plan. It also includes information about services and tools for data management.

Purpose of the toolkit

various construction tools in a pileThe toolkit provides guidance to help researchers develop a data management plan (DMP), explaining how data generated or collected on a federally funded project will be described, shared, and preserved for ongoing access.

The toolkit is divided into the following three conceptual sections, navigable at left, with additional sections dedicated to NIH and NSF guidance. 

  • Describing data - explains how to identify, describe, and label the data to be collected or generated.
  • Access - outlines considerations for sharing and distributing data
  • Reuse, archiving, and preservation - addresses long-term plans for reusing/redistributing, archiving, storing and preserving your data.

The toolkit also includes videos that get to the heart of why we should manage our research data.

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​Need guidance on writing your DMP?

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