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Disability Studies

Resources for researchers and instructors in the Disability Studies field

Accessible Videos

To find video material with subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing:

  • Use Advanced Search in the Catalog
  • Enter video recordings for the hearing impaired in the subject field

This search will result in a list of thousands of titles, so you may also want to add a title or subject to your search, or limit your search to your library location.

To find videos with descriptive audio tracks for people with visual disabilities:

  • Use Advanced Search in the Catalog
  • Enter video recordings for people with visual disabilities in the subject field

The Libraries also has access to a variety of streaming video databases that include closed captioning and/or subtitles.

Videos in American Sign Language

Feature films in American Sign Language located in the Leisure Viewing Collection at University Park:

Children's videos:

  • The Education Library at University Park has a small collection of children's videos in American Sign Language (with no captions or voice over)
  • Search the Catalog using the subjects video recordings for the hearing impaired and American Sign language

Videos about People with Disabilities

  • Use Advanced Search in the Catalog.
  • Select Video under Format, and enter a topic, such as autistic children or deaf women, in the subject box.
  • To limit your search to feature films, enter your topic and feature films in the subject box (e.g., autism and feature films). You can also limit your search to documentary films (e.g., autism and documentary films).