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BIOL 133 - Genetics and Evolution of the Human Species (Gwin)

Resources for BIOL 133 presentation.

Evaluating Sources

Think critically about web sites and print resources.  

  • AuthorityWho is the author or creator?  What are their credentials for this topic?
  • Content: What is the author's bias? Who was the information written for?
  • CurrencyWhat is the publication date?  When was the website last updated? Does this matter for your topic?
  • ValidityIs the information accurate or valid?  Are there references to other works that support the information?
  • Publisher: Do they have a good reputation?

Evaluating Information Part Two

Questions to ask when reviewing a source:

Who is the author?

Is the content good?

Is the information current?

What are the references?

Who is the publisher?

Check out the Libraries Evaluating Information Page for videos on the questions above and more information.