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AM ST 100: Introduction to American Studies (Sachsenmeier)

American Culture Group Presentation

For this assignment, you and several other students will work as a small group (3-4 people) to present an aspect of American Culture. This can be any part of American culture we discussed or learned about in class, or one that you have observed on your own outside of class. You will then analyze this cultural example for its connections to past American history and development, and its influences and connections to future American history. Essentially, present this cultural example in its historical context – what are its causes? What are its effects?

In order to complete this part of the assignment, you will need to do outside research. You must have a minimum of 3 academic sources for your presentation. A good place to find such sources in the library, as well as other reputable sources discussed in class. Your textbook can be used but will not count towards your minimum number of sources.

Your findings and analysis will then be presented in the form of a talk radio show (example to be given in class). Your presentation will be given in the form of a discussion between a radio show host and guest experts, using questions and answers to present your research. Your radio shows will be recorded in the Behrend Radio studio during the week of December 2-6. In planning your radio show, you are not required to write out a direct script, but you should at least create an outline to guide your show from topic to topic. Also, you will need to assign roles within your group – the host, who asks questions and keeps the conversation moving; the guest experts, who answer questions and discuss the information. All members of your group are expected to share speaking responsibilities equally.

Your outline should detail your information, your sources, and which member of the group is responsible for presenting which parts of the information. This outline, along with the recording of your radio show, will be submitted to Canvas or in-person to your instructor, for grading.