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HD FS 315Y: Family Development

Alice Long

Literature Review Assignment

Your task is to compose a literature review approximately 5 pages long. You must use APA format throughout the paper. The number of sources you use should be approximately 2 for every 1 page of text. This means you should plan to have about 10 sources. Please note: This does not mean that you will only have two citations on each page! All sources used must be from peer-reviewed journals or from reputable websites that I approve. Your paper will include the following sections:

  1. Introduction – Briefly introduce the topic of your paper --what your family issue is and what areas of family development are most affected. Take time to introduce your theory in this section. Provide definitions and descriptions or examples that show you have some basic understanding of your issue and your chosen theory. Rationalize why your literature review is important (remember what we discussed in class).
  2. Background – If there any historical background on this issue that is relevant, include that here. Has this issue always existed? If not, when did it emerge and how has it changed since it first was noticed? Are there are any historical events that provide important context to your issue? Describe them in detail.
  3. Application of Theory to the Issue – How does your family issue serve as an example or illustration of theoretical concept(s)? This is the heart of the paper! Incorporate ideas about your chosen theory and clearly indicate how your chosen family issue exemplifies the theory’s concepts. Provide specific linked ideas and/or examples. This section is the most important part of your paper, and thus is worth the most points.
  4. Discussion/Conclusion – Take some time to reflect: Were insights gained from applying this theory to your family issue? Were there some exceptions or anomalies where the theory did not apply well? Provide a short concluding paragraph that summarizes and wraps up your paper.

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