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HD FS 315Y: Family Development

Alice Long

Info Brief Assignment

An information brief is a short summary of an important issue. It is sometimes information about a government policy or bill that is to be voted on. For our purposes, the information brief is used to convey the basic and most important information related to an issue in family development. Introduce the topic, provide context, and explain in lay terms how this issue affects families. Your brief should be no more than 2.5 pages in length. You must also provide sources in APA format that are research-based. You may choose to provide some additional resources that are research-based but are worded in such a way as to be accessible to all. You should dress-up your information brief with graphs, tables, and/or images that are relevant to your topic. This helps others who see your brief want to engage with it, and by extension, with you. We will look at examples of these types of papers before yours is due. 

The government and professional organization websites listed below will help you find relevant research-based information, but also see the list of databases recommended under the Literature Review assignment tab. Through the process of your research, you will likely encounter graphs, tables, and/or images to use in your paper. These should be cited the same way you cite other sources!

Government Agencies

Government organizations provide research reports and statistical reports that contain graphs and charts that could help with your research. Choose an organization or organizations related to your area of research and explore!

Professional and Advocacy Organizations

Where possible, organization websites link to research briefs and similar publications to help you tap into the current research. Choose an organization or organizations related to your area of research and explore!