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ARCH 311 Architectural and Planning Theories, Spring 2019

Resources chosen by your friends in the library to help with the research for your essays


General Guidebooks

Of course a major purpose of travel guides is to help you plan a trip, so they are well-suited to help with the Travel Essay – particularly helpful with the problem of deciding where to go and why and what to do when you get there.  General guides for tourism are easy to locate.  Here, for example, is one of the recent articles surveying comparing the major options (Lonely Planet, Wikitravel, and many more.)


Architectural Guidebooks

These differ from general guidebooks, both by focusing on the architectural sites and also by attempting to catalog the most significant buildings (not simply the most popular tourist attractions.)  So, for example, you could use a architectural guide to draft a list of “must see” Modern buildings in Milan, most of which would not appear in a general guide.

To find architectural guidebooks it may be easiest to use The CAT and to follow these instructions:

Open “Advanced Search” screen. Type the name of the place (usually a city) in one box and change the pull-down menu for that box to “Subject Heading.” Then type "guidebooks" in a second box and change the pull-down to “Subject Heading” for that one as well.  Then the screen will look like this:

Screen shot illustrating how to search for guidebooks in the CAT

That search can return both general and architectural guidebooks.  If the choices are too numerous “Limit These Results” (on the right side) by choosing “Architecture.”  If you don’t find any guidebooks for the city you chose, try changing the word “guidebooks” to “buildings” in the Subject Heading box.

The exact same searches will work in the British Architectural Library Catalogue.  You can usually find guidebooks in LionSearch by using the Advanced Search screen. There you can use the same search as in The CAT, changing the search boxes from "All Fields" to "Subject Terms."  You can also find many good guidebooks by browsing the Architecture and Landscape Architecture Reference shelves.

Places in the Avery or the BAL

Architectural guidebooks are not written very frequently, so to learn about the important recent buildings in a city, type the city name in the Avery Index or in the British Architectural Library Catalogue to see what buildings have been featured in recent publications.