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WMNST 100: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Professor Atkins - DuBois

Reference Books

Subject-specific encyclopedias have a specific focus -- such as human services, gender, and sexuality. These are different than general encyclopedias such as Encyclopedia Britannica and World Book.

Find Other Books

The CAT is the online library catalog of all books and other materials owned by the Penn State University Libraries across all campuses. Items from other campuses can be requested and sent to DuBois and held for pickup. Note: Allow 2-3 business days if you request items from another campus.

Search tips for The CAT:

  • Try Women's Rights and the name of your country or continent. For example: Women's Rights Africa.
  • Try the name of your country or continent and Social Life and Customs.

Other hints:

  • Think synonyms, such as names of people, religion, etc. For example, Samoa: Samoan Islands, Samoans, Pacific Islanders
  • Also remember there are alternate terms other than women's rights. For example: gender, females