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ENGL 202B: Humanities (Happeny)

Professor: Happeny

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a list of resources about the same topic. It has two parts: the citation and the annotation.

For this course, you are required to write a combination of descriptive and evaluative annotation. LOOK at the example provide below in the PDF

The annotation should include the following: 

  • Briefly explain the main points of the article (about 60 words). What is the thesis about?
  • What critical information is included in this resource that will help you write the paper? Give examples.
  • Discuss the value of this resource to your research. Be specific and use examples.

For this class, each annotation should be between 100-200 words total.

Formatting the citation and annotation:

  • In the annotated bibliography the citations are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the author. Just like you would prepare a Works Cited list.
  • Under each citation, you will write the annotation for that resource.
  • The first line of the citation begins at the left margin. Subsequent lines of the citation are indented 5 spaces.
  • The annotation begins 5 spaces from the left and needs to be written as a block.
  • Citations and annotations are all double spaced.