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CAS 100A: Effective Speech (Phillips)

Dr. Joshua Phillips

Assignment Criteria

Dr. Phillips has designated the following criteria for research for this class:

1.    You should only use scholarly sources for speeches and research.
2.    Scholarly sources are sources that are found in print and have been peer-reviewed by other scholars.
3.    For the purpose of our class, limit your sources to the following three types:

a.    Books – a book that is written by the author(s) whose name appears on the cover.
b.    A book chapter found in an edited book – if EACH chapter is written by a different author, then cite the name of the author who wrote the chapter. The person(s) whose name is found on the cover is the editor.
c.    An academic journal article – these are academic journal articles that are found on the Penn State library database. They are in-print sources that have been scanned into a PDF file. Even though they are found through the Library’s website, they are not online sources. They are scanned PDFs. After completing a search in LionSearch, click “Scholarly and Peer Reviewed” and “Journal Article” on the left-hand column of the page. 

Do not use websites, newspapers, personal interviews, Wikipedia, movies, CDs, or pamphlets as sources. These sources may be accurate and truthful, but they are not scholarly and have not been peer-reviewed. As young scholars at an academic institution, it is important that you learn how to utilize and properly cite scholarly sources.