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FOR 880: Bioenergy Feedstocks

Requesting Library Materials

As a World Campus student, you have access to many of the same services as residential students. One of these services is the ability to access resources that Penn State Libraries subscribes to for your use. Here you will learn how to request physical or electronic materials you may need. There are two main systems to use to get access to resources. First, if it is an electronic resource (like an e-book or journal article) and Penn State already purchases that resource you will have the ability to read that article immediately. The image below shows you how to access an article that Penn State has. 

A screen shot of how to get an article that Penn State already owns on the Lionsearch results page. The image is directing to the 'Read Online' underneath the article summary and on the right hand side of the page by using red arrows.

At times, you may also find that you need a book rather than an article. If you live in the United States/Canada, we can deliver a book directly to you with a return label for shipping. You are responsible for the return shipping costs. You will do this by using the "I Want It" service. If you are a student who resides outside of the United States/Canada then you will work directly with the department to receive PDF copies of sections of the book. Refer to the following link as a way to understand how to get access to these materials. 

Finally, there may be times that you find an article but Penn State does not own it. In these instances, you will use a service known as Illiad to request the article. Refer to the following video and links to borrow materials.

You will need to make sure that your address is correct so that you receive materials you request. Watch the following video to learn how to do this.