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Starting Library Research

a guide to the variety of resources the library offers.

Library Resources in Canvas

Library resources are included in Canvas to help you use the library during the course of your academic work.  Chances are, if you are on this guide, it is because you found it by locating the library resources tab in Canvas for your class (good work)!  There are three parts of the library resources tab. Located within the resources tab are: E-reserves, a library guide, and Ask A Librarian..

  • Throughout your time at Penn State you may hear your professor talk about course E-Reserves. An  E-Reserve is a resource that your professor has specifically selected for your class and is put into the library system so that you have access to that resource. An  E-Reserve can be anything from an article to an e-book to a multimedia source. E-reserves are available in your Canvas course and on the library's website. 

    • E-Reserves are also available in the library website. In the event that you cannot find your reserve list in Canvas, you can also look it up on the library website.  On the Library website, you can find E-Reserves here. If you choose to find E-Reserves from the library website it is important to know your instructor name because other instructors teaching the course may also have E-Reserves and they may be different E-Reserves. 

    • If you cannot find your E-Reserve list or it is not showing up in Canvas it is helpful to contact the library rather than you spending time searching for something that you are having trouble locating

  • Library guides are guides that orient you to how to use certain aspects of the library. For example, a guide about a subject will show you which databases and resources to use for your subject. A course guide will help you use the library for specific assignments in your courses. A how-to guide will teach you how to do certain things. For example, there is a how-to guide for looking up dissertations or for finding video resources. The guide within your course will be a subject or course guide. 

  • Ask A Librarian is a service where you can get help in a variety of ways including chat, email, phone, and text.