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Online Students Use of the Library

This guide is intended for students who are using the library online to help guide the experience and make the library website easier to understand and use!

Orientation to the Library

Learning how to use different parts of the library can be very complicated! We have put together a virtual library orientation to help you access and use some of the services provided to you. This orientation is offered as a series of digital badges. To start this orientation go to and create your profile. From there you can find the Virtual Open House group and join that group. It is group number 64. There are five badges and each one should take you about 25 minutes to do. After completing the activities, you will earn a digital badge that you can share in a variety of ways. Each badge has about 3-5 steps in it. A librarian will personally evaluate your work and give you feedback.   

Learning Outcomes

1. Students will locate the subject guide for their specific course in order to find resources relevant to their field. 

2. Students will select a topic in LionSearch and find one book and one article or one popular and one scholarly resource for their paper topic. 

3. Students will assess their information to access through ILL/borrowing resources/commonwealth campuses. 

4. Students will be able to identify librarians as resources/experts and contact them for their reference/instruction/and navigational questions in order to forge a connection to the library. 

5. Students will locate and understand the library resources listed in Canvas in order to use the library within their learning management system. 

Watch the following video to learn how to join the virtual library orientation badging system

LionSearch Badge

In this badge, students will begin the process of searching with library resources. This badge is intended to introduce students to LionSearch and to see how their previous search strategies in search engines are not that different from using LionSearch but that the information the search generates is quite different. This badge is related to the ACRL Framework Searching as Strategic Exploration. 


Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a complex topic. Gaining expertise in the components of academic integrity such as plagiarism, fair use, copyright, cheating, and sharing of course materials is more complex than it first appears. At the conclusion of this badge, you should have articulated your prior understanding of academic integrity, completing the academic integrity module offered by Penn State, and reflected on knowledge gained and remaining questions you have about academic integrity. 


Information Delivery from the Library

****You must complete the LionSearch badge before you begin this badge so that you know how to find a resource to request*****

In this badge students will learn about Interlibrary Loan and I Want It and how these services can improve the information and resources that 
students request and use. 



This badge connects you to the library by providing you with the information you need to know to be able to contact a librarian when you need help. There are multiple ways for you to connect with a librarian who are here to help. At the conclusion of this badge you will know how to navigate the library website to get the contact information you need and learn how to know when you need personalized help from a librarian. 


Library Resources in Canvas

There are library resources in Canvas located under the Library Resources tab. In this badge, you will learn what these resources are and how to use them. Placing these resources in Canvas allows you to use the library while you are within the context of your course. This helps to situate the learning and allows you to use the resources as you need them.