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Online Students Use of the Library

This guide is intended for students who are using the library online to help guide the experience and make the library website easier to understand and use!

Using Wikipedia Correctly to Start the Research Process

Wikipedia is a source that you may have considered to be looked down upon in Academia. This is not to say that you haven't used it but perhaps you just pretend that you don't use it. However, I am here to tell you that Wikipedia can be a powerful tool in your research arsenal AS LONG AS you use it judiciously. The following video tutorial provides more information on using Wikipedia in your research and how to use it to your advantage. Enjoy!


Academic Integrity Module

At Penn State we take academic integrity seriously. However, it is not enough to simply tell you not to cheat or plagiarize. The issue is often more complicated than it first appears. The module below will help you learn more about academic integrity and how to preserve your integrity and reputation while a student at Penn State. 

This module is part of a badge at It is part of the academic integrity badge.

Copyright...Copy What?

Copyright is an issue related to plagiarism and fair use. However, copyright and plagiarism are not the same. Luckily, we have amazing resources at Penn State to help you learn about copyright and how it applies to you when you are using media. 

Copyright Portal

Fair Use

Finding Full Text Articles

It can be very frustrating to think that you conducted a successful search and found the literature you need only to have trouble accessing the full-text of the article. At Penn State, you never have to pay for access to the article. The video below provides additional information on locating the full-text of an article. 

Finding E-Journals

Sometimes you know exactly what journal you want to use or your instructor has recommended a specific journal. Learn how to easily find this journal and locate the articles within it by watching this video. 

Finding Statistics for Your Research

Statistics are powerful. People like numbers and numbers can tell a story. However, you need to be careful how you are using statistics and what can be claimed from the statistics you are using. Learn more about using statistics in research below!

How to effectively use Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an awesome resource to use to find some academic resources! However, it is much more effective if you link your Scholar account to the Penn State Library. View the following video to learn how to do this and then access resources located in the Penn State libraries. Google Scholar is not the only place to find information though so consider it one part of your overall search strategy.