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BIOL 297: Writing for Biology

research guide for BIOL 297: searching scientific literature, academic integrity/avoiding plagiarism, citing sources in APA style


I know where to go to find a scientific journal article.
No, not confident: 1 votes (10%)
Maybe, somewhat confident: 7 votes (70%)
Yes, very confident: 2 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 10
I have a good system for organizing my research.
No, not really: 2 votes (22.22%)
Kind of (I email articles to myself): 2 votes (22.22%)
Yes, I keep my research in one place and always collect all the info I need for my bibliography: 5 votes (55.56%)
Total Votes: 9
Did you find these sessions helpful?
Yes: 2 votes (100%)
No: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 2