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EDSGN 100: Introduction to Engineering Design

Professor Plucinski

PowerPoint Presentation

General Directions:

  • Use LionSearch and/or Engineering and/or Business databases to find journal articles on or related to your design idea.
  • Create a presentation using PowerPoint and include APA in-text citations in the body where the information is presented, and full citations on your final slide titled References.
  • Learn and troubleshoot PowerPoint creation using (see box below)

Specific PowerPoint Directions:

  • Home tab
    • Create 1 title slide
      • Your title slide should include your presentation title, your name, course name, and date
    • Create other slides as needed
      • Your final slide should be titled References for your full APA citations
  • Insert tab
    • Insert at least 1 Online Picture on any slide
    • Insert at least 1 SmartArt on any slide
  • Design tab
    • Create any type of Theme
  • Transitions tab
    • Apply the Dissolve transition at least once
  • Review tab
    • Apply Spelling
  • View tab
    • Apply Notes Page and enter presentation notes
  • File tab
    • Know how to print your slides with presentation notes, and know how to create handouts

PowerPoint Presentation

As an enrolled Penn State student you have free access to LinkedIn Learning where you can learn how to use PowerPoint and much more!

How to prepare for your PowerPoint Presentation:

  • Click on LinkedIn Learning (below)
  • Login with your Penn State user ID and password
  • Search for PowerPoint 2016 Essential Training** in the search box
  • Browse the series of video tutorials (over 3 hours of material!)
  • Target what you need to know
  • Experiment with something fun


You may need to explore other training tutorials if you are using a MAC, Office 365, PowerPoint 2010, etc.  If so...

  • Click the drop down "Browse" menu and select PowerPoint
  • Browse available tutorials and select the one that matches your needs