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Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Architecture subject guide provides some basic tips on how to find books, articles and images related to landscape architecture.

Steps to find a short biography

Short biographical information on architects, landscape architects and other designers, can be a helpful way to learn about them. In addition to a short overview of their careers, these often select some readings on the individual, or list some major works and exhibitions. Sometimes they also provide a statement by the designer.

Short Bios on a Landscape Architect or Designer

Of course you can often find short bios by entering an artist’s name in a search engine and these can work fine if you examine them carefully. In general, the biographies posted by major museums, art galleries, or the designer themselves, are of a higher quality than those provided by the many commercial sites such as Artcyclopedia, AskArt, Artnet, etc.  Accuracy varies.  Web bios for historic figures are frequently copied from public domain (pre-1923) sources. 

Wikipedia: While the information found on Wikipedia is not always accurate and should always be verified, Wikipedia entries often provide links to more trustworthy sources at the bottom on the entry under "External Links."

Since there are so many biographical dictionaries to choose from, indexes have been designed to show you exactly which dictionary will contain a biography of your artist. There are 2 indexes that cover arts people.

Try them in this order:

Here are a few select titles from our Reference Collection that contain brief biographies of Landscape Architects.

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