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Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering guide provides links to information on all topics related to biomedical engineering in relevant databases, journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, websites, professional societies, etc.

Suggest Subject Headings/Terms to Search in CAT

Biomedical Engineering
Colloids in medicine
Image processing
Polymers in medicine
Tissue engineering

Browse Shelves Using These Call Numbers

Understanding Call Numbers Guide

Q300-342        Cybernetics
QA76.87         Neural computers: neural networks (in computing)
QH505            Biophysics
QH508            Biological control systems
QH509.5         Biomechanics
QH513.5         Bioethics
QP363.3          Neural circuitry; Neural networks (in physiology)
R724-726.2     Medical ethics
R856-857        Biomedical engineering
RD130            Prosthesis; Artificial organs
RD132            Artificial implants and implant materials
RS210             Drug delivery devices
TA164            Bioengineering
TP248.13 -248.65       Biotechnology (including biochemical engineering)




Finding Books in the CAT

  • Use the Keyword function and combine terms to search on a topic then use the subject headings from relevant books for additional search terms.
  • Write down the call number and location for any book you want. If the item is not at your campus use the "I Want It" button to request it. 
  • For electronic books, click the link under the words "online content" to access the full text

You can also find books via