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SOC/CRIM 466: Solving Wicked Social Problems

StoryMap and Map Project Resources for Student Projects

Social Explorer Resources

Social Explorer: Map Example

  • Choose a desired application: example: United States Click Explore.
  • Select Indicator: Click the Change data button (top left) to select indicator.
  • Select Year: Choose Year from options.
  • Select Geography Level: Change level to appropriate geography.
  • Select Visualization Type: Depending on type of indicator: shaded area, bubbles, and dot density may be available. 
    • Adjust Color palette and breakpoints of classes.
  • Hover over areas to view values.
  • Screencapture or use the Export image option (top right) to save a png of the map. 

sample map from Social Explorer


Social Explorer: Demographic Profile Example

  • Choose Demographic Profiles from left side options.
  • Example: Harrisburg city, Pennsylvania
  • Review Demographics, Education, Economics, Households, and Housing tabs. 

Sample map of a city from Social Explorer

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