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SOC/CRIM 466: Solving Wicked Social Problems

StoryMap and Map Project Resources for Student Projects

Before you start

Story Maps are storytelling devices.  In order to create a good Story Map, you need to have a good story, which requires some planning.

Read this blog post by one of the student Maps and Geospatial Assistants of the Donald W. Hamer Center for Maps and Geospatial Information (Penn State University Libraries), for some tips, including "storyboarding."

Three important steps are:

  • Outline your project
  • Find and organize your content
    • Search for gentrification indicators
    • Capture urls for images (you might not be able to find it again)
    • Organize images into a folder and rename downloaded images so you know what they are
  • Keep a list of your sources to create a references section at the end.