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Fayette Student Guide

Everything you need to know about the Library and how to use it.

Why Citation Matters

Why cite your sources?

  • Failure to cite sources used in your research can be considered a form of academic dishonesty.
  • Improper or excluded citations are a form of plagiarism, and penalties could include a lower or failed grade, serious academic repercussions, and even legal implications.
  • Proper citations help your professors check/follow your research and resources.
    • Not only do you get credit for your ideas, but you'll also demonstrate how you're supporting your ideas.
  • Citations give credit to the research and ideas of researchers whose work you are using.
  • It allows you to easily track your research and keep an accurate record of where your research has taken you.

How to Organize Citations

Students have access to multiple citation manager tools through University Libraries. Choosing to use one of these tools allows for ease of organization of your citations, often with the ability to categorize and file your citations by class or project.

APA Style

MLA Style

CSE Citation Systems