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Fayette Instructor Guide

Everything you need to know about the Library and how to use it.

Borrowing, Lending, & Reservations

Study Rooms

Room Capacity Equipment
Student Group Study Room #1 4-6

Dell Desk Computer


Table and Chairs

Student Group Study Room #2 - One Button Studio 4-6

Dell Desk Computer


Table and Chairs

One Button Studio Equipment

Cultural Center 6-10 2 Tables and Chairs
Collaboration Station 5

2 TV Monitors

Apple, Dell Display Port, VGA, and HDMI Cables for Laptop Hookups



Please Note: For detailed information on loan periods, please check the Library's Equipment Page.

Equipment Quantity
Laptop Rental 20
Flip F406B - Video Recorder 9
SONY BLOGGIE - Video Recorder 6
NIK COORLPIXL120 - Camera 2
CAN VIXIA HFR52 - Video Camera 1
CAN VIXIA HF10 - Video Camera 1
PRO 88W/T - Wireless Microphones 2
Sunlamps 4
ViewMaster Virtual Reality Headsets


Kodak EasyShare Camera (M753) 4
Logitech Wireless Mouse 5
Logitech Webcam 5
Fastpack Media Kits 5
Multi USB Charging Cable 6
External CD Drive 1
Goniometer/Physical Therapy Protractor


GoPro 360 Kit 1


Laptop Rental 

- Library laptop rentals are available to all students with a valid PSU ID.  

- WIFI required for internet access.  

Flip F406B – Video Recorder 

-  Pocket sized camcorder that holds up to 60 minutes of VGA quality video. 

SONY BLOGGIE – Video Recorder 

- Touchscreen LCD display video recorder that shoots HD 1080p video. 

NIK COOLPIX120 – Camera 

- 14.1 - Megapixel camera that also has 21x optical zoom and HD video shooting capabilities. 

CAN VIXIA HFR52 – Video Camera 

- A compact camcorder with built in WIFI that shoots in 1920x1080 HD Video. This camcorder is also equipped with internal stabilizers and 57x advanced zoom to capture great shots from a distance. 

CAN VIXIA HF10 – Video Camera 

- An advanced video codec high-definition video recorder that records video in 1080 resolution.  

PRO 88W/T – Wireless Microphones 

- Designed to work with a camcorder, this easy and portable wireless device mounts 
onto any camera. Microphone earpieces are also available. 


- Commonly used to help treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 

- Also known to help effect depression, and sleep disorders. 

ViewMaster Virtual Reality Headsets

- Requires VR capable smartphone device. 

Oculus Quest 2/Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headsets
- Standalone headset that does not require additional technology.

Pro Tip: Visit Penn State's IMEX LAB for a catalog of immersive experiences that can be utilized on VR headsets. For more exploration, search "360 Video" on YouTube.

Fastpack Media Kits

- Includes SC3 TRRS to TRS Adaptor, Rope 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable, Videomic Go On-Camera, Microphone Nelomo 3-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit, smartLav+ Tablet/Smartphone Microphone, Fastpack BP 250 AW II, Rode Micro Boompole

GoPro 360 Kit

- Includes: GoPro Max Camera, GoPro Batteries (2), GoPro Dual Batteries Charger, MicroSD Cards with Adapter (2), Lens Covers (4), Impact 8' Light Stand (2), Ruggard Carrying Case



Library Computers and Printers


The Library has 24 desktop computers, located on both floors, as well as Paw Prints station. Copying services are unavailable in the Library. Library desktop computers do not have access to a webcam, but webcams and laptops are available for student checkout.