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Forensic Psychology Class Activities

Reference Books (The Library's wikipedia!)

Empirical Articles Activity

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To determine if teach source is empirical, ask yourself "Did the authors do their own social science study--using surveys, experiments, observations, focus groups?"  If yes, the article is probably empirical.  In addition, please note that most studies in the social sciences use the IMRAD format to present a research study.

These sources are not considered empirical:

  • Sources that only review other people's articles and books
  • Sources that only review the law ("law reviews")
  • Sources whose main purpose is to offer entertainment, news, opinions, or practical advice rather than present academic research (such as popular news & magazines, handbooks, trade journals)

Boolean Searching Flash Review

Database Lab

For this activity, we'll use databases found on the psychology library guide at 


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Sometimes if we can find one good, relevant article on our topic, we can use that article as a "springboard" to find more articles on the same topic.  What features could I use on this article to find more on the same topic?