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CRIMJ 250: Research Methods in Criminal Justice

LaVarr McBride

Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Boards are federally mandated and oversee research that includes human subjects. All PSU researchers, whose research will be used outside of classroom and include human subjects, are required to go through the IRB process prior to beginning their research. Not sure if your research requires review from the IRB? Contact them directly for more information.

APA Citation

Why Citation is Vital

Citing your sources is not only mandatory for your assignment, but is also helps the researcher to avoid plagiarism, give credit to authors for their original ideas/research, and aides future readers of your work to determine the credibility of your work. For your CRIMJ 240 assignment you'll be required to use APA style citation. Use the below links to useful resources and websites. Still stuck? Check in with the Student Success Center.