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INFSY 554: Master's Project

Paper Topics

You must select your topic from one of three international conferences. Please visit the links below to learn about potential topics. 

Guides - Annotated Bibs and Lit Reviews

Overview and Project Planner

Use this guide from Sage Research Methods to learn more about literature reviews as a research process -- why and how you should conduct one. This guide is part of a larger research project planning tool that you may want to consult as you work on your paper.  

Byrne, D. (2017). Reviewing the literature. Project Planner

Writing Guides

Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliographies



Annotations are short (75-150 words) ORIGINAL (meaning it needs to be your thoughts and words) summaries of each individual article you plan to include in your paper. The annotation should also describe how each article contributes to your research. What is the most important take away? Writing these points down before you start writing your paper will help you think through your outline. Be sure to use APA format. 

Literature Reviews

Your research will begin with a literature review, which is a synthesis of published scholarly work directly related to your topic. A literature review provides a background or foundation to your readers for your topic, establishing a common body of knowledge before moving in your specific research idea.