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PSU 7: First-Year Seminar Behrend (Kertis)

This guide was created for the students enrolled in Margo Kertis's PSU 7 course at Penn State Behrend.

Peer Reviewed Articles

For your upcoming assignment, you must to find a research article related to your field.

A research article is a published, written description of an original research study. The study described in the article should be designed and completed by the authors of that article. Almost all research articles go through the peer review process before they are published. In the following video, you will learn more about the peer review process and how to locate peer-reviewed articles using databases.

How to Read Scholarly Articles

To successfully complete your assignment, it will be necessary to find a scholarly, research article. The following video will help you identify this type of article, because it describes common features of scholarly/academic articles. Research articles are a specific type of scholarly article. In the sciences, if an article has "methodology" (or "methods") and "results" sections, this means it is a research article.

Example Research Article

Open the following link to view an example research article. Look for the PDF link to download the entire article.


In Part 1, you learned that the library has many general and subject-specific databases or "search engines." These "search engines" work best when you use focused keywords. Typing a whole research question or thesis statement may produce limited and frustrating results. Work through the following tutorial to learn more. Questions asked in this tutorial are not part of your quiz grade.

Nursing/Health Databases


Drug Information


When you are not sure which database to use, you can use LionSearch. Watch the following short video to learn more.