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AM ST 100: Introduction to American Studies (Dr. Brown)

Dr. Brown

Make an Appointment with a Vairo Librarian

Library Meeting Prep Activity  - prep activity and meeting with librarians will need to be completed by 12/4 at 4pm. 

For this activity, you need to do the following actions:

  1. Make an appt with one of the Brandywine librarians for the week of 11/30-12/4 using
  2. Complete and submit the prep activity to Canvas before the meeting
    1. The prep activity sheet will ask you to submit the following items: their topic, 3-5 keywords, and 1-2 possible sources
  3. Meet with a librarian to discuss sources and research strategies for your topic


  • Use this link to enter the Vairo Library Zoom Room at your scheduled meeting time: 
  • If you do not arrive within ten minutes of your start time, you will forfeit the reservation and need to make a new one. 
  • To contact us, email or call 610 892 1380
  • Zoom meeting reservations are subject to change by Vairo Library staff.
  • We will email your PENN STATE email address if your reservation is changed. 

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