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NURS 417: Family and Community Health

Research guide for the Community Health Teaching Project

Your Assignment

Your Assignment:

  • Research Healthy People 2020 objectives and identify/discuss 2 objectives for your identified population/population at risk or population of interest and how these apply to your Community Health Teaching Project.
    • Explain at state, local, and national level biostatistics for your population
  • Research the epidemiological statistics related to your Community Health Teaching Project. 
    • Discuss how these statistics help to support the identification of your learning need. 
    • Address the statistics at a local, state, national and international level.

Today's Objectives:

  • Discuss search strategies
  • Overview of nursing resources available through the library (APA citation style)
    • Get help
    • library hours, Beaver Campus
    • library hours, Lartz Memorial Library, Shenango 
  • Review basics of APA citation style
  • Introduction to finding statistics (APA citation style)