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COMM 370: Public Relations (Storr)

Tools to help with your: Social Media Assignment, Weekly "In the News" Assignment, Reflection Paper, Case Study, and PENN Games.


Your Assignments

The library provides research collections to supplement classroom learning and offers research assistance to students. We provide a variety of materials and assistance that may be helpful with the various assignments you have throughout the semester.

  • Weekly "In the News" Assignment
  • Reflection Paper
  • Case Study
  • Penn State Beaver 50th Anniversary

Today's Goals

  • know where to get more information through the library
  • know how to evaluate sources, considering bias
  • know how to get research help


If needed for your weekly "In the News" assignment, the library offers access to a multitude of news, magazine, trade journal, and broadcast media sources--many of which have premium content on their public website.

Please don't ever pay for an article!

If you are asked to pay at the newspaper or magazine's website, browse to the title using the "E-Journals" title search tab for free access through the library. If you don't find what you are looking for, ask a librarian (<<<---) for help!


Wall Street Journal website | Same article found using E-Journals title search


News Online at the Library

The News & Newspaper Sources research guide will help you explore news available through the library. COMM 370 students may also find the News Media Trends research guide helpful.