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COMM 118: Conspiracy Theories and Films (Chapin)

Research guide for COMM 118

Library Databases & Tips

You have the WHOLE PENN STATE LIBRARY at your disposal to do this research, as well as the Interlibrary Loan Service to obtain any materials Penn State does not own. This includes 6+ million books and hundreds of online research databases, including a ridiculous amount of scholarly research, legal information, government information, and more!

The purpose of libraries is to collect and organize access to knowledge and information. Academic libraries specialize in scholarly information produced through advanced research.

Below, I'll highlight a few library databases you may not be familiar with from previous courses. However, you should also consider others for your research. The subject guides will be of use to you as you explore

Tips and Tools

Background Information

Below are a couple suggested books for exploration, but there are many, many more books and articles in the library about conspiracy theories, including the history, their origin, and psychology of believing.

Government Websites

Government Documents and Law

Government Documents

Includes access to government documents that may not be available elsewhere online.

Case Law (Court Opinions)

Law Reviews

Scholarly journals focusing on legal issues, often analyzing legal cases and synthesizing a variety of legal sources on the topic.

Historical and Current Newspapers