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CAS 271: Intercultural Communication (Storr)

Research guide for your cultural profile and family tree.


Quick Search

LionSearch is our version of Google. You can use LionSearch to search for books, videos, and articles all at the same time. You can also focus your search using the options on the left of your results list.

LionSearch can be helpful for researching culture, language, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, identity, immigration, globalization, and so on, for all of your various projects.

Helpful keywords may include: history, social life, or customs.

Try combining keywords, such as:

Netherlands AND immigration 1850s (combine keywords/concepts with capital AND, OR, or NOT)

"Dutch culture" (search for phrases by adding double quotes (" "))

Polish immigrants to Pittsburgh (possible search strategies include the name of the country ("Poland"), as well as the name for its people ("Polish"))

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