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ENGL 15: Rhetoric and Composition (Berkey)

Dr. James Berkey

Getting Started

When searching Google Scholar from home, manage scholar settings so that you are recognized as a Penn State student (otherwise you WILL hit a pay wall, and you should NEVER have to pay for access while you are a PSU student):

  • click on the link to SETTINGS in the upper right of the Google Scholar search page (gear icon)
  • click on LIBRARY LINKS in the left margin
  • enter Pennsylvania State University and click on the search icon
  • when "Pennsylvania State University" appears, place a check in the box preceding it and click on SAVE

After searching in Google Scholar, use the Get it! @ Penn State link to access full text journal articles.

Popular Versus Scholarly


Read this article first:

Then take a look at this article:

How do the two articles differ? 

- Remember to consider criteria such as tone, style, author’s credentials, and for whom the article is written.  

 Which article is scholarly and which is popular?


Electronic vs. Print - does it matter? 

Take a print copy of The Journal of Nutrition. Flip through the pages and consider what you see.

- Are there advertisements? Are there color charts or graphs? Is the issue clearly organized? Can you find what you're looking for easily? 

Now go to this link: then click on e-journals. Search "The Journal of Nutrition" and select any link.Click around, and consider what you see. (got lost? go here:

- Are there advertisements? Are there color charts and graphs? Can you find a specific issue? Can you browse easily? 

What is one benefit to using the electronic database to find articles in The Journal of Nutrition? What is one benefit to using the print version of the journal? 

Bonus question: Would an article from the web version of this journal count as your "one internet resource" for this paper? 

Think, Pair, Share

Working with a partner, use LionSearch to find a scholarly article and a popular article on the same topic. It does not have to be the same study, just the same topic. Look over the articles and discuss what's different about them. Be ready to share with the group how you found each article, (for example, what filters you used in LionSearch to make sure you were finding a popular or a scholarly article).