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ENGL 015: Rhetoric and Composition (Mueller)

Dr. Lusine Mueller

Assignment Criteria

Argument Essay
ENG 015: Argument Essay (from Dr. Mueller)

In a four- to five-page essay, you should strive to inform us about a significant social issue that affects our daily lives. You should choose a topic that will engage your readers’ interests while telling them something important about how the information you are providing will be of vital service to them. You should also do your best to incorporate a variety of supporting materials (minimum of five separate, credible sources) and linguistic imagery into your essay to cultivate for yourself high credibility.

At a minimum, I expect your essay to analyze your chosen topic and its importance to our daily lives, giving us a new perspective on it. In addition, I expect your paper to be well organized, dividing your discussion of the topic into two or three main points. Each main point should be amplified with appropriate supporting material. I expect you to try to relate different aspects of the topic to experiences that we might have had in our own lives so that we can better identify with your position on the topic. As with your other essays, I expect you to submit a properly formatted bibliography, use in-text citations correctly, and proofread your submission carefully to minimize the number of grammatical and mechanical errors.


Element Checklist

___ 1. Captivating attention-getter

___ 2. A justification for pursuing the topic in the form of cited examples and statistical evidence

___ 3. An explicit thesis that raises issues in the minds of your readers

___ 4. An explicit preview/signpost

___ 5. Two or three main points analyzing the issue you have chosen

___ 6. Inclusion of credible supporting material from at least five distinct sources

___ 7. Attempts to connect your ideas to events to which the reader can relate

___ 8. Examples that personalize the issue being discussed

___ 9. An explicit summary

___ 10. A restatement of the thesis

___ 11. A memorable tag line

___ 12. Proper use of in-text citations

___ 13. Minimal number of grammatical and mechanical errors in your writing

___ 14. A paper that runs between four and five pages

___ 15. A works cited page in proper MLA format



Because of the increased likelihood of plagiarized work and the overused nature of the topics, the following topics are not acceptable for your research in this paper: lowering the legal drinking age, abortion, euthanasia, paying college athletes, animal testing/rights, and gun control.