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CAS 100A: Effective Speech (Green)

Corinne Green

Informative and Persuasive Speech Goals

Informative Speech Goal:  To help the audience to learn and to remember

1.  Your goal is to focus on providing information. You are acting as the expert who is providing background information about the topic.  In other words, you are not asking the audience to do anything about your topic such as a change in belief, attitude, or behavior.  You are simply educating them about the topic.

2.  Considering your audience, you will determine what information you need to provide before asking your audience to support your cause. What facts would be most useful?  What information is most credible?

3.  Remember: during your informative speech, you are not asking your audience to do anything about your topic.  Your sole focus is on teaching them about the topic.  The informative speech does not include a persuasive appeal.

Persuasive Speech Goal:  To advocate for support of the cause by asking the audience to have a change in belief and/or behavior

1.  Once you have provided solid information in the informative speech, you are now prepared to make a persuasive appeal.  While it is likely that you will use some of the same main points and information from the informative speech, you may find the need to alter your organization a bit in order to accommodate the persuasive appeal.

2.  Your persuasive appeal will focus on the specific action you want your audience to take. Will you be asking them to donate money? Volunteer time? Change their personal behaviors? Take some other specific action? Whatever you ask of them must be something that could be done by a group of people who you can reach with your video. That might be classmates, members of a group or organization you know, people in your social network, work colleagues, or even extended family. For example, I might persuade the people I work with to donate money to the local food bank. I could easily send them a brief appeal and a link to my video via email (Note: you are not required to send your video to your target audience—just be mindful of an audience that you could potentially reach out to).

Specific details about the requirements for each speech are given in the respective assignment guides for them located in Canvas.