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BA 243: Social, Legal, and Ethical Environment of Business

Instructor: Dolinar

Find Your Dream Job with the Hoover's Database

Access "Build a List"

Follow these easy steps to create a list of jobs that interest you:

  • Open the Hoover's database
  • Click on the BUILD A LIST tab at the top of the page.  - Use this feature to find companies that interest you based on the criteria that you enter (eg industry, location, size).  Note the CLEAR SEARCH and VIEW RESULTS buttons at the bottom of the page.
  • Each criteria label is expandable, enabling you to select the category filters that are important to you.  Some categories let you EXCLUDE a particular criteria, which is sometimes just as helpful as INCLUDING criteria.


Enter Your Search Criteria

The most popular "Build a List" searches limit by Company Location and Industry, but there are other criteria limits that might interest you.  All categories are briefly explained below.

  • Company Location:  Search by World Region, Country, State, Metro Area, City, even Zip Code.  Use the EXCLUDE button to remove a location.
  • Company Information: Search by Location Type, Ownership Type, Diversity Status, and D-U-N-S number.
  • Industry:  Limit your search to specific industries by using Hoovers Industries, SIC codes, and NAICS codes (SIC and NAICS explained). If you are unsure what Industry or code you need, use the NAICS Identification Tools or click on the Browse link under each category to scroll through a list of available categories and codes.
  • Company Size:  Search for companies based on size of the workforce, or amount of sales. 
  • Financial Information: Search for companies based on Net Income, Fiscal Year, Assets, and Rankings.
  • IPO Data: Filter for IPO information such as Offer Amount, Date, and Price Range.
  • People: Filter for people by Job Function, Salary, Bonus, Total Compensation and Age.
  • Keywords: Search for Company descriptions and Personal Biographies. This will help to narrow your search if you are looking for certain people, or company descriptions.

View Results

  • Click on "View Results" to open the results page.
  • The Results Page shows an interactive graph that can be viewed by Sales, Location Type, Industry, etc.  Below the graph, find links to the companies that meet your search criteria with links to the Hoover's Company Record Page for each company.  
  • Unfortunately, the option to download or save is not part of the Hoovers Academic subscription. It is, however, part of Penn State's Mergent Intellect subscription.  The Mergent interface is a little different than Hoover's, but the categories are consistent.  If you find "build a list" useful, give Mergent a try!

Sample Search

If I was moving to Savannah, Georgia and wanted to look for jobs in a college or university, I would create a list of colleges in the area by limiting my location to Savannah, Georgia and my Industry NAICS to 611310 (Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools).  This search yielded 35 possible job opportunities in the area!  By using the graph, I can break up the results by differing criteria.  For instance, the image below demonstrates the colleges on my list that employ between 100 and 999 people (a total of three companies).



Hoovers search results