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RHS 401: Community Mental Health Practice and Services

Resources for the Class Facilitation Assignment and the Stigma Reduction Campaign

Peer-Reviewed, Scholarly Journal Articles

Welcome!  We'll be finding 1 scholarly journal article for the Class Facilitation assignment and at least 5 scholarly journal articles for the Stigma Reduction Campaign assignment.

The Stigma Reduction Campaign assignment includes a situational analysis.  The situational analysis is "at least a one-page description of relevant research (peer-reviewed, scholarly research articles only) indicating what evidence we have that stigma is pervasive for the chosen population."  We'll basically find sources that prove that there is a stigma towards people dealing with the selected mental illness.

Ideas for Additional (Reputable) Sources

yellow light bulb with cog in the centerSearch the nonprofit web.

Search Google for nonprofit sites using the site:org command (no spaces between the terms). 

Here's an example:

autism stigma site:org 

This search finds credible groups like National Alliance of Mental Health, Autism Speaks, World Health Organization.

You could find information about stigma as well as specific anti-stigma campaigns created by those agencies.

yellow light bulb with cog in the centerSearch Pennsylvania's Home and Community Information System (HCCIS).

HCSIS Services and Support Directory 

It's used by supports coordinators and RHS professionals in PA to locate resources and agencies for their clients.

You could use HCSIS to find community partners and other agencies to collaborate with you on your campaign.

yellow light bulb with cog in the centerSearch the world's largest online collection of books--Google Books.

Google Books is an easy way to find books.  Many of the books have "partial views", meaning they have a portion of the book but not necessarily all of it.

Google Books can help us find scholarly books as well as practical "how to" books for RHS professionals running public awareness campaigns.

yellow light bulb with cog in the centerLook for grants to fund your campaign. is a good place to find grants from the federal government.

GuideStar is a search engine that finds foundations and nonprofits.  After you identify foundations related to your topic, you can search their sites for grant opportunities.
Grants can help provide the money to acquire the materials needed to conduct the campaign.