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VBSC 101: Careers in Veterinary Medicine and the Allied Professions

Resources for the assignments in the World Campus course taught by Dr. Nüket Acar

Assignment Criteria

Remember to adhere to the overall criteria for assignments for each assignment you submit. Only one internet/web source can be used in each assignment. Internet sources should be reputable, fact based, and not have a primary bias.

Watch this video to better understand "Peer-Review"

 LionSearch, is the basic library search system.
Put terms in the LionSearch box below and click 'search' to find scholarly and peer-reviewed articles.

Remember to CITE your sources correctly! See this guide for general help on citing using the APA style.

Assignment #2: Agriculture – What does it mean to you?

You will have to narrow your topic  - try searching a specific aspect of agriculture that you find of interest, or adding  specific examples that support your thoughts.  For example, are you interested in the economics of global agriculture? New technologies to increase production? The effects of agriculture practices on the environment? Specific geographic areas? Specific species? The possibilities are endless!

In addition to using LionSearch (above), check the library and internet resources below:

Assignment #3: Animal Use in Biomedical Research

You might want to focus your searching on specific examples.

In addition to using LionSearch (above), check the library and internet resources below:

Assignment #4: Euthanasia

In addition to using LionSearch (above), check the internet resources below: