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PADM 594 (Beckett-Camarata): Research Topics

How to use this guide

The Libraries has over 700 databases, thousands of ebooks, and tens of thousands of online journals.  This guide is an attempt to distil those resources into a set of core resources that you will find most useful. It is not intended to be exhaustive. If you need more assistance please contact me.

The guide is divided up in pages, with each page focusing on a particular type of information that can be used to complete your projects. From finding research articles to locating data sources, the guide outlines reputable, high quality resources. 

  1. Evaluating Information has tips and guidelines for thinking critically about the sources you find. 
  2. Locating Library resources has hints on locating journals and requesting materials from the library.
  3. LionSearch and Google Scholar allow you to search across disciplines. This can be useful for interdisciplinary topics like public administration, amongst other topics.
  4. Subject Resources will highlight key subject databases that can help you narrow and focus your search on specific topics.  
  5. Books pulls together some primary titles that are useful for your course.
  6. Journals, Reports and Data provides some resources for finding scholarly articles, policy papers, and other research/data resources
  7. Citing your sources has resources to help you manage the bibliographies for your projects.

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