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PSU 17 - First-Year Seminar College of Information Sciences and Technology

Dr. Jack Carroll (Sections 013, 014, 015)

Activity Instructions

This activity gives you the opportunity to practice the skills you gained through completing the Library Pre-class Activity. In class, you'll get practice paraphrasing another person's writing, searching for related sources, combining them together, and citing these works. 

Please read the following short article: Future of Computing (all the citation information you need is there!)

In Groups

Extend Your Learning

  • Go to LionSearch and find three other related articles that you might include in an essay on the same topic as the primary article.
  • Evaluate articles for credibility using IF I APPLY to identify potential bias. 
  • Add these citations to the document.


  • Word document with a paraphrased explanation of the article. 

Example APA Citations

Online Article: Knight, W. (2023, November 6). OpenAI wants everyone to build their own version of ChatGPT. Wired.

In-Text Citation: (Knight, 2023).