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LLED 402: Language and Literacy Education

A guide to resources for LLED 402.

Searching for Children's Books in the CAT

  1. Use the Advanced Search.
  2. Limit the search to: Pattee Library & Paterno Library (UP).
  3. Choose the Material Type: E.g. Juvenile Books, Multimedia Material, Video, etc.
  4. Search according to author and/or title if known.
  5. Click on the title in the record to find the book’s designation and location.
  6. What does the record say? Very important for determining which section of the Education Library the book can be found.  Juvenile (Nonfiction), Picture Books, Education Juvenile Fiction, Instructional Materials
  7. Click on Detailed Information for a summary, publisher, subject categories, etc.

Searching for Genres

  1. Award books—Use Keywords, search: Newbery (awarded for best writing); search: Caldecott (awarded for best pictures); search: Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award
  2. Alphabet Books, Nursery Rhymes—Use Keywords (search: AlphabetCall Number PE1155; search: Nursery Rhymes or search: Mother GooseCall Number PZ 8.3)
  3. European and Non-European Folklore—Use LC Subject Heading search
    • For Non-European (Search Folklore and a particular country or continent not in Europe [eg. Africa, Japan, China, Korea, Greece, North America, Mexico, United States])—search: Folklore Japan
    • For European (Search Folklore and a specific European country [eg. Germany, France, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy])—search: Folklore Germany
  4. Myths—Use Keywords, use the $ sign as a Wild Card to search for words that have myth as the root(Myth, Myths, Mythology, Mythical—Call number BL): Myth$
  5. Fables—Use Keywords or LC Subject Heading, search: Fables (Call Number PZ 8.2)
  6. Graphic Novels—Use Keywords or LC Subject Heading, search: Graphic Novels (Call numbers PN 6727 (for older kids) or PZ 7.7 (for younger kids); some are also located in Fiction and Picture Books)