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LLED 402: Language and Literacy Education

A guide to resources for LLED 402.

Understanding the Sections of the Education Library

  1. Current Periodicals—including children’s magazines
  2. PN1009s (Study of Children’s Literature) and Z1037s (Bibliographic Information)—Books about Children’s Books
  3. Education Historical—historical children’s literature titles
  4. Juvenile—Nonfiction: Information Books on a range and variety of true topics, (for e.g. Science, Geography, Mathematics, Transportation, Social Studies, Animals, Memoirs, Biographies, Autobiographies, etc.);
    1. Folklore (PZ8. A-Z, PZ8.1-PZ8.4)        
    2. Fairytales (starts at PZ8.A and is intermixed throughout the PZ8s)
    3. Fables (PZ8.2)
    4. Mother Goose/Nursery Rhymes (PZ8.3)
    5. Graphic Novels— Younger Children (PZ7.7)    Older Children   (PN6727)
    6. Math Concept Books (QA) Numbers, Counting, Shapes, etc.
    7. Mythology (BL)
    8. Poetry (PS508-PS3610);
  5. There are NO PZ 7s in the Juvenile Section (All PZ 7s have been divided into two other fiction categories in the Education Library—Picture Book section or Education Juvenile Fiction section)​
    • Picture Books—Arranged Alphabetically  according to the author’s last name​​
    • Education Juvenile Fiction— includes Easy Reader Chapter Books/Novels/Chapter Books/Young Adult; (Arranged Alphabetically according to the author’s last name)
  6. Education Instructional Materials—Textbooks preK-16, Teaching Guides, etc.

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