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HIST 302W: Global Environmental Change from Genghis Khan to Frankenstein


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Eric Novotny
W321 Pattee Library

How do I locate Books?

A note about Subject Headings

Most library catalogs and some other library database use subject headigns from the Library of Congress.  Becoming familiar with the relevant terms will improve your catalog searches, for example,  "Human Ecology Historyis the main "environmental history" subject heading (there is no "environmental history" subject heading in the library catalog, though some books will come up when you search on it). Be sure to look at the subject headings for any books you find to get ideas for other terms to use.

Agriculture History 
Biotic Communities History 
Climatic Changes 
Deforestation History 
Environmental Degradation History 
Environmental Policy History 
Environmental Policy
Eurocentrism History 
Forests And Forestry

Global Warming 
Human Ecology
Human Evolution 
Human Geography 
Landscape Changes
Nature Effect Of Human Beings On 
Nature Effect of Human Beings on History 
(Country name, e.g.france)  Environmental Conditions
(Country name (e.g. germany) Historical Geography 
Wildfires History