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AN SC 201: Animal Science

University Park

Issues Paper

Use any of the resources in the "research article" or "legislative letter" tabs for locating information for your issues paper should you choose to write the longer issues paper instead of the shorter writing assignments.

Remember you may have to narrow down the topic a little bit in order to find relevant information, especially when you are looking for a scientific peer-reviewed journal article. 

Evaluating Resources

Think critically about web sites and print resources.  

  • AuthorityWho is the author or creator?  What are their credentials for this topic?
  • Content: What is the author's bias? Who was the information written for?
  • CurrencyWhat is the publication date?  When was the website last updated? Does this matter for your topic?
  • ValidityIs the information accurate or valid?  Are there references to other works that support the information?
  • Publisher: Do they have a good reputation?