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MGMT 433: Leadership and Team Building (Wilkerson)

MGMT 433 Overview

MGMT 433: Leadership and Team Building

Assignment: Team Project

Five (5) page paper and fifteen (15) minute presentation

  1. Choose a course concept/topic
  2. Expand on this chosen concept/topic by
    1. explaining one academic research fact/finding (either an empirical result or a theoretical proposition) about it that's not already in the textbook and
    2. reporting on one illustrative real-world example (to include saying how the example illustrates the course concept).


Use two formal academic research journal articles to accomplish the first part of this team paper. 

  • Understand and interpret those sources, not merely paraphrase source content.  
  • Use American Psychological Association (APA) format for references and in-text citations.

Research Process

Research Process

1. Understand the assignment

2. Select and focus your topic

  • Write a research question
    • Research questions are open-ended and give meaning to the topic you've chosen.
    • Based on your topic and preliminary research, determine what specifics of your topic you would like to focus on.
    • What question do you want to answer in your paper?
      • For example, a research question for the topic of eating and buying local food might be: Can better access to local food at farmer's markets help to improve Americans' eating habits?

3. Develop a research strategy

  • Identify keywords
  • Work from general to specific
  • Keep good records

4. Gathering and evaluating sources

  • CRAAP (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose)

5. Write your paper!


6. Cite your sources (APA)