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Gale Digital Scholars Lab: an introduction

A brief survey of offerings from the Gale Digital Scholarship Lab for Penn State researchers

What is the Gale Digital Scholars Lab?

The Gale Digital Scholars Lab is a platform for exploring collections from the Gale Primary Sources databases. The Scholars Lab allows researchers to curate content from across the Gale Primary Source collections purchased by Penn State and provides a platform for collecting, curating, and analyzing their collections. Users can also upload their own data set to perform these analyses, making it possible to try out these methods in a lower-stakes environment.  Though full access currently requires a second form of authentication through an Microsoft or Google email address, we can access the platform directly from the Libraries' website.

What does the Digital Scholars Lab do?

The Lab offers a dedicated space to preprocess and analyze content sets from all of the Gale databases provided through the Penn State Libraries. You can export data (up to 5,000 items at a time), import your own data set, and explore a range of computational techniques on their platform. They offer a range of methods and metrics for processing, cleaning, and analyzing their collections through a graphical user interface for all of these implementations - so programmatic knowledge is not required to use these metrics and features. Each stage of the process comes with tutorials and sample projects to experiment with to see what is involved and how it works.