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Gender Research and Integrated Training (GRIT)

This guide is specifically made for researcher associated with the GRIT program.

How to use this guide

Research Articles & Reports

For researchers who are just starting to explore topics in gender research the United Nations has published an excellent document, Gender statistics manual: integrating a gender perspective into statistics, which provides a useful list of broad public policy topics along with potential questions and sources of data.  

It is informative to explore these topics using the resources identified in the Articles & Public Policy tab.  

Research Data

Finding research data on a topic can be a complicated proposition.  It is critical to keep in mind that in order for data to exist there must be a compelling reason to collect the data.  For governments this is frequently stipulated in their laws or as part of international agreements.   

For international comparative gender data the 4th World Conference on Women in 1995 was an important watershed.  From this conference a fundamental scope of gender data was identified and recommended to the United Nations in a report known today as the  Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action

The concepts identified in this document comprise a minimum set of gender indicators that provide access to a rich collection of comparative country data as well as clues individual country data providers.  This guide was developed and is intended to supplement resource and data sources identified from the Global Gender Statistics Programme sanctioned by the United Nations Statistical Commission.