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NURS 200W: Principles of Nursing Research and EBP

Professors: Decker, Govere

Annotated Bibliography

  • Is a critical summary of the resources you read and will use in your research. 
  • Is made of two parts: a summary of the information and an analysis of the information (why you decided to use this resource instead of another one).

What it does:

  • Helps you to summarize information that you can use in your research.

Literature Review

  • Systematically reviews, summarizescritically analyzes, and compares all sides of similar works.
  • It is the background information on your topic and shows a connection to other information on the same topic.

What it does::

  • Demonstrates why a topic is significant to a subject area.
  • Help you remain focused on your research question.
  • Helps to uncover and remove unconscious bias.
  • Identifies critical gaps, points of disagreement, or potentially flawed methodology or theoretical approaches.
  • Indicates potential directions for future research.

Systematic Review

  • It is a comprehensive systematic review of primary research on a specific topic that identifies, selects, evaluates, and synthesizes all research evidence relevant to a question in order to answer it.

What it does:

  • Provides an exhaustive summary of scholarly literature related tto your research topic.
  • Form the basis of decision-making in Evidence-Based Treatment (EBT) and evidence-based behavioral practice (EBBP).  


  • It is a specialized subset of systematic reviews.
  • Not all systematic reviews include meta-analysis, but all meta-analyses are found in systematic reviews.
  • It is a systematic review that use statistical techniques to combine data from the examined individual research studies, and use the collected data to come to new statistical conclusions.

What it does:

  • Conclusions from a meta-analysis are statistically stronger than the analysis of any single study, due to increased numbers of subjects, greater diversity among subjects, or accumulated effects and results.