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COMM 100: The Mass Media and Society

Professor: Albanese

What are Scholarly, Academic and Peer-Reviewed Articles?

Scholarly, Academic and Peer Reviewed all mean the same thing: the article is published because a team of professionals in that field approve it.

These articles have underwent a quality control check- so you can be sure they are reliable!

How do you know if an article is scholarly?

  • Check to see if there is a long list of references, footnotes or a bibliography
  • In the library catalog, make sure to check the boxes on the left
  • Ask a librarian!

What about Magazine Articles?

Contrary to scholarly articles, newspaper or popular magazine articles are written by journalists (not specialists in any field except journalism).

They are reviewed only by the magazine/newspaper editors (also not specialists in any field except editing).

So, the information may not be accurate. Double check by finding another source with the same information.

And what about Web Sites?

Web sites can give a mixture of information, from scholarly to ... less accurate.

Always check the following:

  • Author- can you find the name? A contact? An affiliation for this person?
  • URL- where is this information published?
  • Date- when was the last time the page was updated?
  • Bias- do you think the information leans more on one side? What is the purpose of this information?